What’s Your Favorite App? Here’s Mine!

Posted: March 30, 2018 by Lindsey Nagorski

My favorite app this year

One of the most exciting additions to my classroom this year has been PicCollage.  I love how intuitive it is for my first graders to use and how creative they can get with it!  Our classroom is not 1:1 so the ability for multiple students to create and work on a template that I share with them is essential.  Some of the other reasons that I am a huge fan of PicCollage in the classroom are:


  • PicCollages look great printed out for bulletin boards and student portfolios
  • They can be easily saved to the camera roll and shared in multiple ways
  • No log in required!
  • The app is currently free
  • It has a built in photo editor
  • PicCollage works on a variety of devices, not just iPads
Airdropping Get to Know Me templates to student iPads.

There seem to be endless ways to integrate this app into your classroom.  I constantly find myself thinking “I can do this with PicCollage”, so much so that I’ve started recording all my ideas on my phone for next year!

One of my favorites, which was also a great way for students to play around with and figure out the app was my Get to Know Me templates.  Using these templates students got to explore adding a picture, using the text feature as well as adding stickers or images in order to introduce themselves.

They LOVED it!  I was amazed by how great they had turned out and it was so funny to see their personalities shine.  They turned out so fantastic that I printed them out (I printed 4 to a sheet in order to save some ink) and posted them on their lockers for all to see.  Here is my sample (you see- grownups love playing with PicCollage too 🙂 ).   Since then we have used PicCollage templates in a variety of ways with many more in the works so stay tuned!

Some of the ways we use PIC COLLAGE

Students practicing how to model addition on a math work mat in PicCollage
  • As graphic organizers
  • Assessments
  • Digital Workmats
  • Digital Reports
  • E-Books
  • Vocabulary/ Word Work activities




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Have you ever thought of using PicCollage in your classroom? Check out the app that students and teachers are sure to love!