“Thank you so much for making this video on culturally responsive teaching. I enjoyed how you explained the topic in an easy to understand yet heartfelt way. I know I will be much more aware of my own thoughts, behavior, and responses to my students from now on. I will definitely be rewatching parts of this video throughout my teaching career, so I can stay in touch with this important topic. Thank You Again! A++++”  -The Whimsical Teacher

“This video about Culturally Reponsive Teaching is going to transform the way I deal with diversity in my classroom. I cannot wait to keep learning more from you about this incredible program! Thank you!!!” -Michael Sivert

“The climate of my school has changed over the last two years due to a restructuring of zone lines. I have been very disappointed in how some teachers & parents have reacted. I made becoming more culturally responsive one of my personal goals this school year so I was grateful to find your product. I was struggling and at a point where I needed a more positive outlook. Thank you for this product! GRATEFUL!” – Josie C.

“Thank you for helping us all to better ourselves as teachers and people so that we can help our students to feel comfortable in the classroom setting.” –Samantha O.

“Thank you so much for providing us with this much needed resource!! I will absolutely be using this when we return to school. It is very much needed!! Thanks again!” –Paula F.

“These are AWESOME! The kids, parents and staff LOVE your work!” Regarding her custom Arcade Theme Decor

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