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Five for Friday- It’s My 1st Birthday!


I’m back with another fabulous Five for Friday linkup with Doodlebugs Teaching on my first “I have nothing to do” day of summer vacation 🙂


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Look Whose One

I simply can not believe that I have been on TPT for a full year already!  The amount of information that I have acquired and the new friends that I have made has far surpassed my expectations.  Not to mention that I have a ton of FUN creating classroom decor and other products for teachers (and myself haha)!  I am celebrating today with a flash sale- my entire store is 20% off TODAY ONLY.  And in 1 month I’ll be taking the next step on this journey by attending the TPT Conference in Orlando for the first time!  CAN’T WAIT

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Have any of you ever heard of the Insane Inflatable 5k?  It is a ton of fun… if you like running around a ski slope in 90 degree weather.  For real though, this was our second time doing it- my husband thought it looked like so much fun that he joined in with us this year.  I think he still had fun… but he’s a beast.  Me?  I kept my eyes on the medics the whole time.  I would post a picture of myself completing the obstacles… but nobody wants to see that lol, instead, enjoy an image of my future Ninja Warrior 😉

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No kickoff to summer is complete without a bonfire.  We had a small bonfire in our backyard with my Girl Scout troop this week to celebrate the end of our year.  We roasted hot dogs and made s’mores… the s’mores are made out of Girl Scout cookies.  Next time you see a Girl Scout selling cookies buy some “Thanks a lots” from her and save them for s’mores- you’ll thank me 🙂

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This is where I now live.  In the bleachers watching my little critters swim.  My oldest decided to give the swim team a try this year versus regular swimming lessons… so we are here at 8am every morning #momlife.  Then we come back at 10 for the littlest peanut’s lessons.  So if you can’t find me… this is where I am, destroying my data plan.

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And… as much as converting from a full time working mom to a stay at home mom during the summer is an adjustment for all, little moments like these are what I cherish!  Snapped this one while they were walking back from soccer practice to you know where… swimming 😛

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TPT Seller Challenge

Well, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and participate the the TPT Seller Challenge that is going on right now!  I’ve been promising myself that I would try my hand at creating some products this summer, now that grad school is over.  This challenge seemed like the perfect nudge in that direction!  I have to say that I am truly amazed by how big the challenge has gotten… Even Teachers Pay Teachers caught wind and got on board.  At last count there were close to 300 participants!!! It’s pretty cool to check it out and see a lot of other teacher-preneurs who are either revamping their old products or just starting out like me.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next four weeks and making some great new connections.  

A huge hats off to Third in Hollywood, Sparkling in Second, Peppy, Zesty Teacherista, and Teach, Create, Motivate for putting this on!  You can visit any one of their blogs for information and to join.  Stay tuned for a posting of this weeks challenge!
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Well, here we are again… another January, another attempt at this blog!  I created this blog back in 2012 shortly after my youngest child was born.  I had great aspirations of blogging about our family journey as we balanced a new child, my love for Pinterest, and my passion for teaching.  Then life happened.  Two small kids, a job, a house and a husband kept me very occupied and left me little time for blogging.  As if that wasn’t enough, my husband and I thought it would be a good time for me to finally obtain my Masters degree (insert screams of horror here).  Fast forward to Christmas break 2014- for the first time in a VERY long time I had some free time.  The kids are old enough now where they don’t need me every.single.second, so I got to spend some time doing things that I actually enjoy and missed doing (I crocheted a few awesome scarves!).  Long story short, I am one semester away from graduating with my Masters in Education degree and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I got started thinking about the things that I want to accomplish post grad school, and ended up creating a sellers profile on Teachers Pay Teachers and signing in to this blog!  My goal is to be able to focus more on the great things going on in my classroom and create some new resources to use.  Things may be quiet the next few months as I wrap things up with graduate school, hopefully I will stop by a few times and if not I will be back this summer!