Quick and Easy Sight Word Assessments

Posted: October 23, 2016 by Lindsey Nagorski


Are you tired of the piles of paper all over during assessment time?  I know that I am!  Every time I have to assess a student I end up hunting through packets of papers, in a pile, in a bin somewhere which then translates into a big pile of papers on my kidney table.  I certainly do not claim to be a neat freak by any means, but I do try to keep things orderly and in their place (thank you Dollar Store bins!).  No matter what though I end up drowning in a sea of assessments, especially at report card time!

I am also fortunate enough to have a Co-Teacher this year for language arts as well as a lot of team planning and data collaboration time.  This translates to me hunting through my assessments for various scores on an almost weekly basis.  I was bound and determined to simplify my life this year and these digital assessments are certainly helping!

As you can see above I’ve created some super easy to use digital assessments for your students sight words.  No paper, no fuss… right up my alley.

Each assessment has the designated word list as well as a column for each month of the school year.  All you have to do is type x when a student reads a word correctly.  The table has been formatted to automatically highlight for you.


At the bottom of the assessment you will notice numbered tabs.  These tabs are a separate assessment sheet for each student.  I would suggest keeping them numbered for student privacy since this is a digital document.

At the end of the word list is a row titled “Total”.  No more going back and counting how many words the student read folks!  This document will automatically calculate that number for you (can I get an Amen?!).  It will also take that monthly total data and put it into an easy to read graph which can also be exported!  Imagine the possibilities- you can easily discuss monthly progress with students and parents.  Just print and go!

I hope that you will find these digital assessments as useful as I do.  They have already simplified my life so much that I am working on even more!  Head over to my store to check out the different versions of sight word assessments that I have available, and while you’re there make sure that you are following me so that you will be amongst the first to know when new assessments are uploaded!