Five for Friday Linky

Posted: April 25, 2015 by Lindsey Nagorski

Happy Friday Saturday everyone!  This week was a long one, but we made it.  This year has definitely been the most challenging of my 11 year teaching career (or I’ve blocked the other ones out of my memory lol!), and this week was no exception.  This has definitely become my motto:
Incase you’re wondering, the countdown is at 28 teaching days.  The last day for students is June 4th, and staff have a half day on June 5th…. but we have to be back June 9th to start working on next year, which is both exciting and exhausting at the same time.  Not to mention that in these next 28 days we all need to pack up our classrooms… completely.  There is a lot of construction happening in our building, and we’ve been told to be prepared to switch rooms.  We don’t usually need to pack up for the summer which I know is very fortunate.  I really like my classroom (it has TONS of storage), so I’m anxious to see where I might be going!  Here are a few other random things from my week 🙂
Look who showed up Monday morning when I came to work!  We were very fortunate this year to get 4 butterflies.  We have really enjoyed watching them the past few days, and we swear that they like GoNoodle.  There is at least one that climbs on the side of the net and flaps its wings at us every time we do a dance!  While we’ve really enjoyed observing our new class pets, I’m glad that we will be doing Monarchs again next year instead of Painted Ladies.  We cannot release the Painted Ladies here, therefore we have to watch their demise 🙁  Which also means that I need to clean up their little butterfly bodies 🙁 🙁  Ick.
It is difficult to see, but if you enlarge the picture you will see it… snow.  Cold, wet, whipping snow.  On April 22nd.  Not ok with me.  Nothing says April like a week of freezing temps and snow, but it is worse after an almost 80 degree weekend!  We go through this every spring here, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.  It also doesn’t make students dress appropriately for recess.  We had many talks this week about how to look at the weather and decide what to wear/ bring to school, that t-shirts and sweatshirts were not ok when it is 35 degrees outside.  “Even though it is Spring, we sometimes still need to dress for Winter”.  Ugh.  Seriously though, it needs to knock it off and get springy around here- in two weeks I have a weekend getaway planned with the hubs to celebrate my graduation, our 5yr wedding anniversary, and Mother’s Day and the weather NEEDS to cooperate 🙂

This week I started the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody.  While I already eat clean and watch how much I consume, I really liked the idea of the color coded portion cups ( I love color coding! lol).  It has really taken the guesswork out of “dieting”.  I will admit that I was a bit worried when I first saw the size of the cups, but as I started using them I was pleasantly surprised.  As long as I follow the timeline and don’t skip a meal or snack I am not ending up hungry or cranky.  I didn’t snap many pics of it this week, so above is a picture of one of my suppers that I sent to my brother.  He had just been looking at it online and was curious how much food you were actually allowed.  The amounts are based on your starting weight and your goal calorie range, so I am allowed the fewest amounts.  There are also 30 minute workout dvd’s that come with the program which definitely work you out!  I’m not gonna lie, I skipped a few of them this past week due to kid meltdowns combined with grad homework but since this coming week the hubs is off I plan to rock it!  I am on day 7 today and down about 4 pounds 🙂


We started two digit addition this week and I have been blown away by their success.  Regrouping (as I suspected) was a little bit difficult for them though, so for one of my guided math rotations we did some more hands on practice.  They were a little concerned/ thrilled when I just dumped the tub of tens and ones on the floor haha!  I have piloted three math curriculums this year and I am math-exhausted.  We make our decision on May 1st, and I can’t wait to just dig into whichever one we decide on for next year.  I’m really curious- what math curriculums do you all use?!?

As I was getting a few things ready at the end of the day Friday I thought I’d snap this pic before I bolted out the door.  As I mentioned last week (and many of you shared you “shove- aholic” support! Thank you!) during the year things typically just end up shoved in baskets until summer.  These tubs are one way that I have made that habit actually work out for me.  I purchased these tubs last year from The Dollar Tree, and chalkboard sticker labels from who knows where.  I use them to organize my materials for four weeks at a time.  For years I had tried to do a basket or something for each day of the week, and I just couldn’t keep up with it.  This way I only have to do all my sorting/ planning once a month!  If we don’t get to something one week, then I just stick it in the next weeks tub etc.
Here is a peek into next week’s tub:
I have some random things that need to be sent home, like their Scholastic book order, their high frequency words for the week, guided reading books, along with other miscellaneous copies.  If you’re struggling to organize your planning, and you love a good tub/ basket, then I highly suggest this method!  
I hope you all have a great week!  🙂