Discount Coaching

Posted: February 18, 2019 by Lindsey Nagorski

Can I sign up as a coach just for the discount?

I get a lot of questions and comments around the price of drinking Shakeology and having a BOD membership… which leads to a conversation about something called being a “Discount Coach” I’ll explain what it looks like for you here, what you’ll save, and answer any other questions going through your mind!

Will I have to do what you do, Lindsey?

NOPE. There is no obligation to actually “coach” anyone if you don’t want to.

Is there a sales quota?

NOPE. No requirements at all. Ever.

Can I keep it a secret? Do I have to post on social media about Beachbody?

Yes, you can totally keep it a secret. There are MANY discount coaches who just quietly enjoy their Shakeology and workout programs. I share about the products on social media, because I want to help EVERYONE! 😉

What does it cost?

There are TWO costs involved with coaching.

#1 Coach Sign-Up Fee is $39.95 to join. HOWEVER….if you purchase a Challenge Pack (our nifty sale bundle of Shakeology paired with a fitness program of your choosing) when you sign up, you’re coaching sign-up fee is WAIVED! Also, if you have ever purchased a Challenge Pack in the past, you’ll have to pay your coach sign-up fee but we can have it completely refunded within just 3 business days! So likely you won’t have to pay this!

#2 Monthly Business Service fee of $15.95. Think of this as your membership fee (like at Costco) to get the discount pricing. If you are drinking Shakeology daily, even with this fee, you are saving $15-30/mo. That’s $180-$360 yearly savings JUST ON SHAKEOLOGY!

What kind of discount do I get?

25% OFF everything. All the time. Shakeology (even multiple bags per month). Fitness Programs. 3 Day Refresh. Apparel. Equipment. Supplements. EVERYTHING.  Plus early access to new programs and VIP groups!

Is there a contract? What if I change my mind? How do I cancel? Is there a cancelation fee?

No contracts. You can cancel anytime without notice or reason or a fee. All you have to do is submit a simple form online.

What other benefits are there to being a coach?

So beside getting your sweet discount, you will have access to our “Trying to Get My Fit Together” group on where you can hear about new product releases and sales FIRST, you can access great personal development tools to help you improve MORE than just your fitness, and you’ll be introduced to positive friends to improve your life! See? You want to be a coach! 😉 And also, in that private group, you’ll get info on any training that we offer for coaches that are curious and want to try this business out. BUT there is no pressure in this group or expectation of you to do anything other than enjoy your discount.

How do I sign up to be a coach?

Use this link to sign up as a coach and WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Still not convinced you should be a coach just for the discount?

Let’s chat. Shoot me a message at and I’ll answer any other questions you have!