Coach Nagorski

Posted: January 3, 2019 by Lindsey Nagorski

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that this school year I entered into a new role as Instructional Coach. Simply put, my role as a coach is to provide support and help to the teachers in my building. I began to notice however, that I wasn’t just helping teachers with data or classroom management, but I was also sharing my experiences and tips for improving overall fitness and health while living a busy teacher lifestyle. It dawned on me one morning that perhaps I could take my coaching training and my drive to improve my fitness and combine them.

Having been a Beachbody customer for several years I was very familiar with the company and their products… as well as several of their coaches. I’ll be honest- I was not a fan of the typical “Beachbody Coach” that I had encountered over the years. Many of them felt fake or super “salesy”, and it was obvious that a few weren’t even trying to improve their fitness or health… they just wanted to make a buck. Gross.

That being said, thanks to the powers that be on Instagram I also started to discover several other coaches who were breaking from this stereotype. I began following them and truly enjoyed the message of self care and personal development that they were not only sending, but that they were obviously living day in and day out. Their stories resonated with me so much that after 6 years of avoiding becoming a Beachbody Coach like the plague I signed up. I thought to myself, these women are just like me… they all had a starting point too and look at how far they’ve come. Perhaps by sharing my journey… at my starting point… my ups and downs as a busy mom… maybe thats the message that someone else scrolling through social media needs to see. Plus- who doesn’t want a discount lol?

So I signed up. I signed up under one of these super influential people that I had been following and thought to myself “this is going to be amazing”… only to find out that I had actually signed up with another coach by the same name, and she is not active on the business end of things. I tried switching, but the window had closed by the time I figured it out, so here I was in uncharted territory- mentor less. Then I got to thinking… perhaps this wasn’t such a bad thing. I was now in complete control of my coaching journey- meaning I didn’t have anyone above me pushing their business agenda down my throat, which is what I wanted right? I could truly make this whatever I wanted it to be!

Fast forward a little bit- am I making millions yet? Nope definitely not 😉 I am enjoying every step of the process though. I’m busy working on my own personal development and sharing about it along the way, while slowly building a group of like minded individuals that I like to call my fit friends 🙂 I am involved in my first ever VIP Coach Test Group and product launch and couldn’t be more excited about sharing that aspect of my journey. I am truly looking forward to 2019 and fully plan on making the most of everything the universe has to offer.

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