Coach Nagorski Part 2

Posted: January 3, 2019 by Lindsey Nagorski

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Now, you just read about how I feel that a Coach’s job is to inspire and help people, but you’re probably thinking- what does that really mean?

People often say to me that they’re not in the right shape yet or don’t have the knowledge to be a coach… let me tell you, I am certainly not in peak physical shape or a certified trainer (incase you couldn’t already tell lol). Let me clear up a few of these common misconceptions:

A coach does not need to be a fitness or nutrition expert.

A coach does not need to have already achieved their fitness and nutrition goals.

A coach does not need to be an experienced “sales person”.

In fact, I think its better and more relatable to others when you are NOT the things mentioned above!

What a coach does need to be is passionate and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. They need to be consistently sharing how Team Beachbody can help change the lives of those they meet, through building relationships and connecting with people to find out what their goals are to determine which programs would be right for them.

In addition, they need to be committed to being proof that the products work, by using the programs and drinking Shakeology/ Performance Line and working out regularly.

Finally, coaches need to be committed to consistency improving and developing themselves. Personal development is key in building confidence, setting goals, and helping coaches stay focused on the activities they need to complete to see their business grow.

So what are the benefits of being a coach like?

For starters, you get to set your own work hours. If you have a full time job like I do, then you might choose to spend time working on your Beachbody business while having your morning coffee or at night while watching tv. As your business grows and you can afford to spend more time focusing on it, you’ll be able to start the transition from part time to full time coach!

You can also choose to work your business in-person, online, or both. This business is flexible and will work for anyone. Seriously- I was very surprised by how flexible it is, and by the fact that there is no sales quota etc. each month. I can make it what I want it to be! Every day, coaches share their passion for being healthy and fit to attract people to their business.

The more you commit to working your business every day, the more your business grows and the more rewards you can earn. Team Beachbody’s compensations plan is very well rounded. You have the opportunity to receive commissions for selling products to customers, bonuses for helping your team grow (and you can qualify for free trips like cruises, Disney etc.), monthly incentive rewards, recognition, and daily opportunities to learn and engage in personal development.

How many people can say right now that they get rewards like this at their current jobs? Definitely not any other teachers I know!

To help you earn all of these rewards Beachbody provides outstanding support. Seriously- I’m trying to do this all on my own without some huge Elite upline… if I can do it so can you (because you’ll have me!). As a new coach there’s no guesswork on how to get started. You just follow a simple business quick start that guides you through exactly what you need to do in your first few days in the business. After that, you have the opportunity to get daily training and activities to grow your business through my Coach Basics Group.

Team Beachbody also is amazing at keeping you up to date on news and announcements through communications like our weekly Wake- Up Call, which happens every Monday morning, monthly emails, the Coach Office and our Beachbody Facebook group (amongst other social media).

So by now you’re probably wondering what your options are to join my team. If you’re ready to do what we do and help people achieve their health and fitness goals, you can join our team as a Coach. Even if you don’t fully feel like you’re ready to share- but you want the discount and perks of coaching… that is how I started!

Another option is to join as a customer and start achieving your health and fitness goals through a Challenge Group.

The best way to join as a coach… and by far the BEST value is to purchase a Challenge Pack. A Challenge Pack includes at least one fitness program, Shakeology or Performance Pack on home direct (which saves you even more). Personally I recommend the chocolate and vanilla vegan shakeology! By purchasing the challenge pack you’re saving between $50- $80, your $39.95 Coach Enrollment fee is waived, and you’ll have everything you need to get started.

If you’re already an On Demand member, you can get started coaching by purchasing one of the many completion packs available- just let me know, I can help you navigate it all!

So- does this feel like a solution that could help you meet your wellness and financial goals? I want you to think about this- what can becoming a coach do for you? Think big!