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Well WordPress…Here I am

Well I did it.  I moved to WordPress.  Now I just need to figure it all out!  I could spend hours trying to find the perfect theme but unfortunately there are people that need clean laundry and to be fed, so this will just have to do for now.  I wasn’t going to try and move my blogger posts over, but I was desperate for some tangible progress so I googled it…. and surprisingly the whole ordeal took me all of 5 minutes- phew!  So here I sit… trying to use Jedi mind tricks to get the dishwasher to unload itself so that I can keep playing with my new toy.  Alas, I think I hear the muffled sounds of someone calling “Mommy” from under their covers… Adieu.

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Work it Wednesday

Hello again!  Welcome to another Work it Wednesday post.  I’m linking up again with Katie over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle to share my fitness journey!  Like a lot of teachers I know summer is a time that I usually try to work extra hard on my fitness.  You can read about my journey thus far here- but lets just say that my body is reflecting just how stressful last school year was.  I will be returning to an almost entirely new staff next year and I’d really like to look my best haha (not tired and jiggly like I left in June!)  😉 
I envy my friends who are able to have a solid workout routine.  My husband works nights and none of my local gyms provide daycare so working out at a consistent time has been a struggle!  I try my best to get in workouts at home… but it usually looks like this:
I know you feel my pain 😉  The littles are getting better at letting me work out though- they’re 3 and 7 so they don’t need my constant attention as much, sometimes they even join in!  
In last weeks post I talked about my beloved Fitbit Charge HR.  This is just one of the reasons that I love it- look at this workout data!  This is also another reason why I love lifting vs. cardio…  I did not do any cardio during this workout, it was leg day (21 Day Fix- Lower Body Fix) but my heart rate shows that I was working 😉
I also broke out these bad boys this week… it has been quite awhile and I am pretty rusty!  My children were pretty amused though.
 We celebrated our countries independence at the lake this year with some family.  With the kids being older it was the first time we could just “relax” and watch rather than running around making sure nobody was eating sand.  I indulged in a little treat- a red, white and blue ice cream cone cupcake that I made!  I found these little cuties on Pinterest- this is an egg free version that I made for my youngest, which also happens to be the lower cal/ low fat version 😉

I don’t always snack on treats/ have a sweet tooth (I’m more of a salty snack kinda gal) but when I do want a treat this is my go- to:  Fage 0% greek yogurt with dark chocolate PB2… and sometimes a few sprinkles 😉
Got this new workout tank at Walmart the other day 😉  I love it!