Five for Friday Linky

Doodle Bugs Teaching LinkyHappy Friday Saturday everyone!  This week was a long one, but we made it.  This year has definitely been the most challenging of my 11 year teaching career (or I've blocked the other ones out of my memory lol!), and this week was no exception.  This has definitely become my motto:Incase you're [...]

Five for Friday Linky

Doodle Bugs Teaching LinkyHello everyone!  I feel like I just did last weeks linky, I can't believe that its already Friday again.  Spring has finally sprung where I'm located and boy does it feel good.  Now I need to dig everyones warm weather clothes out of storage and sort through closets. Yay.  I hope that [...]

Five for Friday Linky

Doodle Bugs Teaching Linky PartyHow in the world is it April 10th already?!  I just can not believe how the time is flying by... and the talks about next year are amping up!1So, speaking of April 10th... this was the view from my classroom window around 8am this morning.    Full on blizzard mode.  Gotta [...]

You Oughta Know About…

Welcome to the April You Oughta Know blog hop!  You Oughta Know is a monthly blog hop where teacher bloggers share their tips, advice, websites, ideas, apps or whatever else they think would be helpful in your classroom. I was honored to be contacted the other day and asked to participate!  I then spent the [...]

Five for Friday

Five for Friday linky party at Doodlebugs Teaching1First off let me say that I am SO glad to be feeling better!  I don't think that I've ever been this sick in my adult life.  While I am still not at 100%, each day gets significantly better.  The picture above was a text that I sent [...]

Sick days

How many of you dread having to take a sick day?  I think for most teachers it is one of the most avoided tasks under the sun.  The majority of educators that I know (myself included!) will suffer through just about anything because going to work is easier than planning for a sub.  Every time [...]